84. Fekete-híd u.

8.000.- HUF /person/night
Superior: 60.000.- Ft /apartment/night

94. Fekete-híd u.

7.500.- HUF/1 person/night
15.000.- HUF/2 people/night
22.500.- HUF/3 people/night
30.000.- HUF/4 people/night

Discount for children: free-of-charge under the age of 3; at the age of 3-14 -50%.

The price does not include the resort tax which is 410.- HUF/person/day. This amount is to be paid cash only at the age of 18 or older.

We ask our guests respectfully, that the time of Check out in our apartments is until 10.00 in the morning the time of Check in is: 14.00- 18.00 in the afternoon.

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